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Happy Birthday to 智勳!今天特地買了小王子蛋糕獻給信王子〜是不是很可愛啊! #愛情嫌疑犯#是你第一部內地的戲,今天也是第一次在中國過的生日,希望你開開心心,在劇組的每天都愉快!必須要說,和你對戲是很快樂很過癮的事哦[good][good][good][握手][握手][握手]

謝謝親愛的MELODY 阿計即時特地翻了徐洁儿 可愛的留言~^^中翻英

Happy birthday to Jihoon!

I bought the Little Prince cake especially for Prince Shin today ~ Isn’t it lovely?

“Love Suspect” is your first movie in China.

And this is the first birthday you have had in China.  

I wish you happiness. May you stay happy every day with the project team.

I have to say I really enjoy acting as your counterpart.



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