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Jujihoon: 因為反正也回不去了, 所以沒有遺憾的。


Jujihoon: 我的演技沒有定式,屬於比較即興的類型。 據我所知, 姐姐和我的演技類型並不一樣,但即便如此,她也很好地配合和幫助我,對此我很感激。


Jujihoon: 以前是非要看內容大綱來選的,但最近會對角色進行考究然後結合劇本來選擇。 以前完全沒有這種想法的, 可能是年紀大了。


Jujihoon: 池昌旭,朴信惠。 因為以前就認識信惠,所以覺得一起合作應該很有趣。 昌旭有讓人覺得很放鬆的魅力,同時又有可愛的一面。 想要和他一起演能體現這種真實魅力的作品。


Jujihoon: 很喜歡樂隊的聲音,吉他聲好聽到讓人起雞皮疙瘩。 因為一直出演作品沒有時間學習更多,很遺憾。


Jujihoon: 我很喜歡李安導演和張藝謀導演。 尤其是張藝謀導演的早期作品,看完給我非常多的感觸。



---“Mask” came to an end. Do you regret anything?

Jujihoon: It’s not like we can go back so there’s not regret.

---How was it to act alongside Soo Ae?

Jujihoon: My acting is not that accurate, I put a lot of adlibs into it . From what I know, hers is pretty different. But she accepted my well so I am very thankful.

---Do you have standards to choose your jobs?

Jujihoon: I used to only look at scenarios. Nowadays, I try to imagine if the character can come to life when I consider an offer. I never thought of that before. I think I am getting older.

---Is there an actor or actress with whom you'd like to film one day?

Jujihoon: Ji Chang Wook and Park Shin Hye。 I am close with Shin Hye so I guess it would be fun to work together。 As for Chang Wook, he's as wild as cute. I'd like to work on something genuine through which he could express this aspect of his personality。

---You have a lot of interest in music。 You take part to OSTs and even have a band.

Jujihoon: I like being in a band。 The guitar is an instrument that gives me goosebumps。 I am very sad that I don't have much time to learn more. I have too much work to do already.

---If you were given the chance to debut on the Chinese market, whom would you like to film with?

Jujihoon: I love An Lee and Zhang Yimou. I was deeply moved by Zhang's first movies.


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