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Joo Ji Hoon Is a specialy actor

朱智勳是一名很特別的演員。美國已故名演員菲利普.塞默.霍夫曼曾稱讚約瑟夫.高登-萊維特是用演技展現價值和真實性的優秀演員他將充滿真摯性演技的難度融在了對後輩演員的稱讚裡。 在韓國,能與約瑟夫抗衡的演員便是朱智勳了。 他不侷限于題材和角色,用其他演員很難做到的真實個性,打造出屬于他特有的形象。 在不久前完結的電視劇《假面》中,他的演技也令人嘖嘖稱讚。 他用細膩的演技展現了崔珉宇悟出人生價值的過程,甜美的嗓音令無數女觀眾沉醉。 在一部又一部的作品中,朱智勳的真實形象被融入夢幻的故事裡, 他的眼神也愈加濃烈。


Late Philip Seymour Hoffman once said of Joseph Gordon-Levitt that he is an”amazing actor who is able to act values and veracity. “That was a compliment pronouneed toward his junior for being able to play the difficult worth of honesty. There is someone in Korea who could stand against Gordon-Levitt thanks to is strong personality , it’s Joo Ji Hoon. Joo is an actor who creates ingenious characters through unique, genuine charm regardless of the genre or the role he’s given – and that’s something hard to find in the industry. In recently ended-and successful-series’Mask’, the star shone through his acting again. He delicarely expressed the process of discovering life’s value that his character, the soft and shy Choi Min Woo, went through. But the actor also melted women’s heart with his sweet voice. His variety of characters even guards the chore of fantastic stories. We fell for his gaze through the camera.



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