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因為是珉豪粉絲的網站, 所以就只截珉豪部份, 朱先生的就活生生的被切了~><



崔珉豪 人設介紹
김성우(최민호, 남, 20대 중반/ 광혜대 병원 흉부외과 전공의)
조각 같은 외모로 어디에 가든 눈에 띄는 훈남 전공의. 매너가 좋고 눈치가 빨라 주위의 평판이 좋다.
아진(오연서 분)과는 동기이자 은근한 경쟁자다. 탑 팀의 전공의로 발탁된 후, 아진과 동지애가 싹트며, 점점 그녀에게 설레어간다.
SungWoo Kim (MinHo Choi,Male,
mid-20/cardiovascular surgeon at Kwanghye University Hospital)
A gorgeous looking surgeon who is noticeable whereever he goes .
He has a good reputation thanks to his good manners and wits.
He joined the hospital with Ahjin , and they subtly become rivals.
After selected as surgeons of Top team,
the comradeship between Ahjin and him sprout.
鄭麗媛 人設介紹
JuYoung Seo (Ryeo Won Jung, Female,
mid-30/cardiovascular surgeon at Kwanghye University Hospital )
She studied hard to escape from her burdening family, and became
a doctor dreaming of the ascent of status, A lady of ambition who strives constan
Confronting TaeShin Park as a rival, She becomes gradually attracted to him who resembles her inner self。

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